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will i ever get long hair? follow 4 selfie updates
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from “David Bowie Is” book.




what in the fuck does my sister think she’s doing?

god’s work


“So much of The Strokes’ music is about moments, and “Automatic Stop” is full of them. The moody, isolated intro; that massaging guitar melody 46 seconds in; the little arcade breakdown at 1:50, the way Casablancas sounds like he’s singing while slowly sliding into leather booth at 2:25, and how Valensi, Hammond, Jr., and Nikolai Fraiture do the ol’ boogey stop at the end there. The spacey reggae track comes early in Room on Fire – and after “Reptilia”, no less — which in hindsight is quite surprising since it’s such a comedown song. It’s like if The Replacements put “Sixteen Blue” after “Favorite Thing” and expected you to go with it. We rolled with “Automatic Stop” because we were already sold on the Strokes and this speaks like their anthem. Casablancas’ lyric of “That’s just a phase, it’s got to pass/ I was a train moving too fast” says pretty much everything about their gasp in the ’00s.”

Michael Roffman on ‘Automatic Stop’ in Consequence of Sound’s article ‘The Strokes’ Top 10 Songs’. This song came in at #3 (via can-i-vhs-you)

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creepypasta time


the creepiest pasta is lasagna, imo. how did it get so wide

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When I look at you
Oh, I don’t know what’s real

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Tokujin Yoshioka Crystallize @ Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo

i dont understand how someday by the strokes makes people wanna dance around and such ? it makes me wanna cry

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2015 is only 5 months away, just let that sink in

What the fuck does the sink want now

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the thing that really worked about harry, hermione, and ron was that they were all the uncomfortable third friend

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