me when i hear anything about the strokes: i love that concept

heavy seas of love, live version from roskilde 2014 is on the radio and its killing me thanks


very strange how u can talk to someone everyday and still miss them


everyone on this website is gay and loves julian casablancas

my naturescience teacher gave me high five for going to the student counsellor today

today in my mediaclass someone said their favourite film was ninja turtles

Walk Away - Franz Ferdinand




if i were a cartoon character this would definitely be my signature shirt


It is scientific fact that Wonder Woman is perfect.  Only her writers are flawed.

i have to read 5 pages of social studies for tomorrow. its not that much, if it was the only thing i had due tomorrow. but i also have a french essay write and nature science to read. and i’d been given less than 24hours to do it all. thanks.